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Can your second dose be a different type of COVID-19 vaccine?

For those who received Pfizer (Comirnaty) or Moderna (Spikevax) for your first dose, the recommendation is to receive the same type of vaccine for your second dose, unless this would cause a delay. Pfizer and Moderna can be mixed for first and second doses (currently for age 18+).

If it means getting your second dose sooner, you are encouraged to get the first mRNA vaccine available, even if it means getting a different vaccine than your first dose.

For those who received AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) for your first dose, public health experts in Manitoba now recommend you can receive Pfizer or Moderna for your second dose. This recognizes the short supply of AstraZeneca, and emerging research that demonstrates mixing second doses is safe and can be at least equally as effective.

These guidelines may change as more research is done. For more routine immunizations, it is not uncommon to mix doses for multi-dose vaccines.

You should only receive your second dose when it is recommended to do so. See our 2nd Dose Eligibility page for more information.