Getting Your 2nd Dose

Everyone age 5+ is eligible for a second dose. You must get a second dose to be fully immunized.

Doctors trust the safety and effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines approved in Canada. We recommend you get your second dose as soon as you are recommended.

When can you book your second dose?

The optimal timing for a second dose is generally 8 weeks after your first dose. This ensures the best immune system response from the vaccine and better protection over a longer period.

Second doses are recommended earlier for children age 5 – 11 living on First Nations, after 21 days (for Pfizer).

Want an earlier second dose? If you want a second dose earlier than eight weeks, it’s best to talk to a physician to understand the risks and benefits of an getting the second dose early. A second dose can be given as early as 21 days (3 weeks) after the first dose for Pfizer vaccines and 28 days (4 weeks) for Moderna. For children age 5-11, parents or guardians must first discuss the risks and benefits with a physician to ensure you understand the risks of an earlier dose before proceeding.  

How do you book?

Find out how and where to book using our Vaccine Finder.