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Should I get a third dose (booster shot)?

Many people have heard reports on the news about booster shots, or third doses, being offered in other countries, and have asked who should get a third dose here in Manitoba.

NOTE: Some individuals are eligible for a third dose or booster shotsee our summary of current eligibility to learn more.

Doctors and scientists are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of the vaccines. So far, they are finding the vaccines continue to be highly effective, especially against severe illness.

So far, the research has found that for some patients, two doses did not give them a strong enough, and lasting, immune response to protect them from COVID-19. This includes some immuno-compromised individuals. This also includes those who received only a viral vector vaccine, such as AstraZeneca, where over the longer term, the effectiveness may not be as strong as an mRNA vaccine.

Eligibility for third doses can vary by country. The timing of third dose eligibility could be closely tied to the local level of risk of getting infected with COVID-19. Infection rates can spike at different times in different countries, and local public health officials will respond using the best evidence available at that time.

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