Privacy Policy

Doctors Manitoba makes every effort to maintain your personal information securely so only those authorized have access. We are collecting and storing the least amount of information we need to allow us to notify you about the vaccine and, if you agree, to send you further health-related information. We will not sell or rent your personal information to anyone. We will delete any identifying information after it is no longer needed.

To support the vaccine eligibility notification system, Doctors Manitoba subscribes to the following services which may be used to store your information. All services have robust security and compliance protocols in place.

SurveyMonkey, a major survey company. You can review its security and compliance protocol and its privacy policy.

AirTable, an advanced database solution. You can review its security and compliance protocol and its privacy policy

Zapier, a data processor which facilitates the transformation and movement of information between software-as-a-service tools. You can review its security and compliance protocol and its privacy policy. 

Twilio, a communications platform used to send SMS messages and SendGrid, used for email messages. You can review their security and compliance protocol and their privacy policy.

Only authorized Doctors Manitoba staff and contractors will have access to data, for the sole purposes of sending notification messages and other updates which you have requested, as well as ongoing maintenance and quality control. Access is restricted to only these individuals and access is tracked.