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Are there medications that could interact with the COVID-19 vaccine? Should I stop taking a medication or vitamin before getting my vaccine?

For most people, taking medication is not a reason to delay getting the COVID-19 vaccine. In fact, if you’re taking a medication, you might have an underlying medical condition that can increase your risk of developing serious symptoms from COVID-19. This means it could be even more important for you to get the vaccine. 

There are no known drug interactions with medications and the vaccines approved in Canada. Like the flu vaccine, the injection given for the a COVID vaccine is well tolerated by people on blood thinners.

There is no need to stop taking prescription medications or vitamins before getting your vaccine.

It is ok to take a pain medication (e.g. acetaminophen) after you receive the vaccine to help with temporary side effects, like pain in the arm. 

Some medications can weaken your immune system, affecting your ability to develop a strong immune response. We recommend you talk to your physician first if you are taking medications like this, such as:

  • High dose steroids like (e.g. 20 mg/day or more of prednisone)
  • Arthritis medications like methotrexate or azathioprine
  • Biologic immunosuppression including monoclonal antibodies
  • Chemotherapy