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How do I access my vaccine card, or proof of immunization?

In Manitoba, the vaccine card and verification app have been discontinued by the provincial government as public health restrictions have been listed. However, you can still access a record of your immunizations online.

Immunization Record

You can get a record of your COVID-19 immunizations through Shared Health’s online test result portal. You will need a valid Manitoba Health card and an email address. The record shows which vaccine you received and when. 

If you need to make corrections to your immunization record, you can also call 1-844-MAN-VACC (1-844-626-8222) and follow the prompts or use this government online form.

You can still request an official document for Canadian and international travel, if required. The Canadian COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Credential (PVC) is a secure and reliable way to show your proof vaccination history. The only medical information contained in this document is related to your COVID-19 vaccination history. The PVC, and associated QR code, contains your name, date of birth, date of immunization, brand of vaccine received and lot number. The PVC can be used for travel within Canada and internationally and is a recognized and trusted document with international partners. It is important to confirm the immunization requirements for your travel destination and any stops along the way before departing to confirm what type of proof is accepted.

Request Your PVC

You can request your PVC online at or through the Manitoba Immunization Card app available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play. You can also call the province’s call centre at 1 844 MAN VACC (1 844 626 8222) for more information about the process. Your PVC will contain any international COVID-19 vaccines you received if they are part of Health Canada’s accepted list of World Health Organization (WHO) approved COVID-19 vaccines. The list of WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines can be found at: COVID-19 Vaccines with WHO Emergency Use Listing | WHO – Prequalification of Medical Products (IVDs, Medicines, Vaccines and Immunization Devices, Vector Control). If you received a vaccine that is not on the accepted list, it may still appear on the PVC but with limited information.

The PVC is available digitally on your smart phone/device or you can select to receive it by email and you can then print a hard copy of the PDF. If you would like to have your PVC available on multiple devices, you must request the PVC on each individual device. The app only stores the information for your PVC while you are logged in. Once logged out, the app will erase your PVC. You will have to request it again the next time you log in. It is NOT available as a wallet certificate at this time.

More information on the PVC and SMART Health Cards is available here.

What do I do if I received my immunization outside of Manitoba?

If your immunization record is incomplete or incorrect, or you received a COVID-19 vaccination outside of Manitoba, you can have your file updated by completing and submitting this e-form.  You can also contact your local public health office for assistance, if needed.